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[Guest DJ]

95年からDJを開始。川崎工場地帯の某工場屋上にて行われているインダストリアル・レイブ・パーティー「DK SOUND」で、k404とのTraks BoysとしてレジデントDJを務める。バンド(((さらうんど)))、Jintana & Emeraldsのメンバーとしても活動中。2016年2月、Crue-L Recordsより1stソロアルバム「Skygazer」リリース。

XTAL’s music career took off in 1995. He teamed up with his friend k404 as the DJ duo Traks Boys, who also produced numbers of their own music including “Starburst / Yellow Birds” released under Internasjonal, a Norwegian record label organized by Prins Thomas.
Crystal, his solo project, maintains constant releases from labels such as Crue-L Records, Beats In Space Records .
As a DJ, he keeps the weekend floors floaty, euphoric and groovy. In 2016, he not only renewed his alias to XTAL –still the same pronunciation as Crystal– but released his 1st solo album “Skygazer” from Crue-L Records. The album is conceptually experimental but still clearly shows his endless interest in and love for House, Techno, Disco, and Japanese City Pops.


高嶋 一孝presents DS-223F試聴会@calle5411



DJ Kazutaka Takashima, the president and the chief brewer of Takashima sake brewery (Takashima shu-zou) established in 1804 in Numazu, decided to pick out DS-223F for his DJ play to move up to the next level.
One of his sake, “Haku-in Masamune” tastes strong and clear, just like DS-223F’s sound. Don’t miss the special night.
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