Basic Philosophy of CDS


 I appreciate your support would like to thank you for it.  I would like to introduce my basic philosophy of CDS. CDS, as you are aware, is a handmade audio equipment brand run by myself. I go through the whole process of production, from designing to final checks, on my own. It is inefficient but has multiple advantages. First, it affects cost reduction in a positive way. CDS uses similar parts in quality to high-priced audio equipment but can offer a lower price than any other product lines from major DJ equipment makers. Then, it reduces trouble as I know each process in detail. Also, it enables flexible customisation, such as specification change, suiting particular sounds, and permanent support. It usually takes at least one month to complete a single CDS, but due to many orders being placed in the last 6 months it takes 2~4 months at the moment. Apologies for this delay. I would like to offer the best quality of product possible for music and music lovers, and people to know real sound. This aim causes your inconvenience but I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


CEO & Engineer Van Burkleo a.k.a HIroshi Ito from JAPAN